Saturday, 21 September
Start: 20:00
End: 22:00

Vinarikov/Ivchuk Quintet - Surrender For Industrial

Price: 400 UAH
Available: 36 pcs

What are they playing?
Author program called “Surrender For Industrial”

What do you need to know about the musicians?
Konstantin Ivchuk is a jazz guitarist and a composer. This year, he has graduated from the Katowice University in Poland with a Master’s Degree. He has performed at Katowice Jazz fest, Moldova Jazz festival, Tarnów Jazz Competition etc. These days, he is preparing to the release of his debute album – “Surrender”.
Danilo Vinarnikov is a sax player, leader of the Dark Side Trio. In the spring of 2018, he has released his debut album called “The Old Bookcase”. He has performed at Leopolis Jazz Fest (2018, Ukraine) and Szczecin Jazz Fest (2019, Poland). He has now expanded the band and started working on a new album.

Why should you attend this concert?
To listen to the live jazz of a big city