Thursday, 26 September
Start: 20:00
End: 22:00

Jazz Kolo Hip-Hop (Netherlands - Poland - Ukraine)

Price: 500 UAH
Available: 38 pcs

On September 26, the musicians will present their Jazz Kolo Hip Hop project. It will feature unique compositions by the guitarist Mykola Zinchenko, which are based on the mixture of jazz, hip-hop and electronics. The vocal part is going to be performed by the Dutch rapper Andy Ninvalle, also known as the front man of the funk metal band called “BaggaBownz”. He will be accompanied by the polish saxophonist Macek Kadzela. Andy, Macek and Nicholas will be joined by Dancy Adu (trumpet), Olexander Malyshev (piano), Sergei Balalaev (drums) and, of course, Igor Zakus (bass).