Rental of our premises

32JazzClub can become the venue for a corporate jazz party, concert, lecture or a wine tasting with a professional sommelier.

Just imagine:

  • A 60-seat concert hall to your service;
  • The headliners of the Ukrainian jazz scene performing for you;
  • One of the most experienced bartenders in Kiev preparing signature cocktails specially for you.

Give us a call or send us an email and we will give you all of the information required.

Master class

We are pleased to announce that our chief barman – Yurii Melnichenko offers exclusive master classes on bartending and cocktail preparation.

The hour-long session allows participants to get acquainted with Yurii, who will share his experience and wealth of knowledge; giving participants an insight into the basics of bartending. During the session you will learn to use items such as a shaker, strainer and build; getting a chance to prepare your very own delicious cocktails.

We guarantee that the bartending tricks you will learn during this masterclass will make you a centrepiece of any future party or gathering!


We are glad to offer you a unique opportunity to take part in our tastings of wine, whisky and many other alcoholic beverages and spirits in 32 Jazz Club.

 During a two-hour course our sommelier is going to:

  •      tell you everything about all of the subtleties and features of various drinks,
  •      teach you how to distinguish between the taste and aftertastes of certain products
  •      guide you through the bouquet of delicate aromas and flavors

 This event is designed for the groups of 4-8 people.  Information about upcoming tastings can be found in the Tickets section.